We impose a strict set of rules that all members are obliged to follow. Violation of them will result in an Infraction.

  1. Follow the Discord Community Guidelines and Terms Of Service.
  2. Be active and participate in community events.
  3. Don't use Racial, Homophobic or Transphobic slurs that are abusive. Respect all members and staffs.
  4. No unapproved advertising, including requests for paid work. Projects can be showcased in #project-showcase.
  5. Do not spam or use self-bots inside the server.
  6. Do not try to mention @everyone, roles or mass mention members
  7. Don't mention staff unless its an emergency or serious rule break. If you wish to ask them a question use mod mail (DM @Tortoise Bot)
  8. Keep discussions relevant to channel topics.
  9. No NSFW contents are allowed inside the server. Use of them will result in an Infraction.
  10. Do not DM members without getting their permission first. If you want coding help, use the help channels.
  11. Do not unnecessarily ping members/roles. You should mostly never ping members who are not present in the current discussion, unless they've previously given you permission.

Infraction Details

We have a few types of infractions. The severity of the actions will decide the infraction type for the user.

  • A flagged verbal warning
  • A short temporary mute (1 hour)
  • A long temporary mute (1 day)
  • A kick from the server (2 days)
  • A short temporary ban (1 week)
  • A long temporary ban (1 month)
  • A permanent ban from the server

If you wish to appeal against an Infraction you received, head over to the contact page